2011 Bozo Songs From The Forthcoming Release: "Still In Search Of Larger Fees"

The 2010 Score: A Bozo Ottava Rima New Year's Eve Song

We're stuck with the 'stans and we see them as us
We read up on banns but our preachers too late
See unemployed millions thrown under the bus
A crack up in Cairo, a smack up of fate
As teachers are laid off, the era of wuss
Is dying upon no repairs that we slate.
Empowered again, here come clowns in disguise
Whose biros assume the poor never arise.

Find Me A River, Now The Ocean's Insane; A Bozo Ottava Rima Song

We live in a world that becomes Charlie Sheen

And what doesn’t matter much is where we’ve been

Little boys the successors of Fulton Sheen

And the Bishops these days remain seldom seen

While the politics takes its cues from Al Shean

The why a duck and King Peter of has been

What is not left to chance, a dancing discourse

Of the demagogue’s prance, and failing to source.

A Prologue Past, Hope It No Longer Lasts: A Bozo Ottava Rima Song

We know more than most the nuclear fallout
We say preparation, we stay in control
We are a rich nation, we are all about
What is our destination, who plays the role?
Mifune, Kurosawa, speak to our doubt!
Since the war, our landscape has been high and low
Here Rashomon scar, when we're not good to go.

Averil Killed Himself, Bittersweet Revenge: A Bozo Ottava Rima Song

When I think of myself as a kind of feldspar
Who failed earth science and did not seem to care
The resonance of making now and then par
Kids today, without jobs, play through their despair
By getting in cars, and pretending a star
Is what they'll become, hey no matter how rare.
The rich men who play on these follies of youth
Are just what they seem, and as long in the tooth.

In Exforge A Sort Of Summing Up, Or Not: A Bozo Ottava Rima Song

You see, what I do is kill my self slowly
By drinking vast wine, and awaiting results
To come yet anon where I was, moaning lowly
Back before I a kid, now I with adults
Who sometimes seem fine, when not being holy
Or hiding behind all those lawyers of cults
So when I am dead, no one cares very much
It's all of a piece, and the ceasing's nonesuch.

The Lives Once Led Become The Silence Dreaded: A Bozo Ottava Rima Song

Wishing now that I'd met you back in the day
Sweet combination of vulnerable charm
And unknown 10 percent always makes me pay
To reorganize, or safeguard you from harm
And knowing you didn't care all about me
A calculus greater then bearing an arm:
To say there was something amiss is to know
We're no longer attractive, so long ago.

When Two Times In Perth, Where At Times There Was Mirth: A Bozo Ottava Rima Song

Doc Martens gone and replaced with a baby
A gal I remember is now settled down
A quite dutiful daughter and just maybe
A wife and a mother, or wearing that crown
The pal I once knew, a beautiful way see
Sent back to the known, never gainsay the gown
Our lives seem quite empty but mostly it's mine
In young women near me there's only decline.

The 2011 Score: A Bozo Ottava Rima New Year's Eve Song

A banner of flowers shouts here comes the bride!
While outside a tent is put up on the street.
Two families gather to bring food with pride
While some outliers vent and try to be neat.
To homilies' hours, rev up bikes for a ride
While detes in a camera sing, two are sweet.
This thing patriarchal is what is a beaut
While standing quite numb, as a good substitute.

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