As Dead As Dead Can Be

Serious health care reform, that is.

Unserious reform will pass this year, some fruit loopy co-ops or some phony trigger, or nothing at all if the progressives decide to stand tall, but the bottom line, as has been clear since the spring, is that the Obama Administration and the Democratically controlled Congress could not deliver the votes for anything other than ineffectual, marginal bullshit.

Six months were wasted on trying to be bipartisan, when everyone with a brain knew that the Republicans would never, never, never go along.

Small state Senators, totally in the pocket of the insurance companies, decided they’d rather just continue with business as usual.

One hopes our President will learn from this experience, because he’s blown it big time.

Gorilla doesn’t like to crow on this one, because it’s the country who loses: “I told you so!”


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