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The 2010 Score: A Bozo Ottava Rima New Year’s Eve Song

Friday, December 31st, 2010

We’re stuck with the ‘stans and we see them as us
We read up on banns but our preachers too late
See unemployed millions thrown under the bus
A crack up in Cairo, a smack up of fate
As teachers are laid off, the era of wuss
Is dying upon no repairs that we slate.
Empowered again, here come clowns in disguise
Whose biros assume the poor never arise.


Happy New Year To All

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Gorilla says: “Let’s all try to do a lot better in 2011!!!”


A Crook Buys His Way Out

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Yet again, a wealthy hedge fund manager engages in criminal behavior and is allowed to walk after a payment of $10 million.

This time, it’s the Administration’s former “car czar”.

The revolving door of corruption between Washington and Wall Street continues.

There’s zero accountability and the pervasive sense that the rule of law doesn’t apply to rich people who can afford to hire lawyers to drag out trials for years.

Unless criminals like Rattner have a clear understanding that they will lose their freedom and their wealth, there’s very little hope of improving the way business is done on Wall Street.

Oh, and by the way, it would be nice to close the tax loophole that sees crooks like these pay lower tax rates than almost anyone else in America.

Fat chance of that happening so long as the Know Nothing Party is back in power.

Gorilla says: “Guess he wouldn’t really rather have a Buick!”


Tech Things Gorilla Would Like To See

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

The Times has an article called “10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Technology”.

Gorilla has 10 things he thinks would get the most out of technology:

1: Competition: There’s basically no real competition among cellphone, cable, and Internet providers. Prices for all these things are way too expensive and the barriers to entry prevent genuine and rapid innovation.

2: Unlimited data only cellphone Internet service: Coupled with paygo Skype, and sold for say $30/month, Gorilla would give up his landline in a minute. Gorilla hasn’t made a personal call to anyone in years.

3: The use of uniform, non-proprietary standards: What exactly was wrong with plain old html?

4: Less planned obsolescence from Cupertino: If Gorilla wants to keep his portable for 5 years or more, what’s wrong with that?

5: The end of the cloud: it’s just another walled garden, and it can be taken away at any time.

6: Universal free wifi in all transportation centers (should also be as common as air bags in cars) and major metropolitan areas: the US is incredibly backward when compared to countries throughout Asia and Europe.

7: The end of the Microsoft/RIAA/MPAA/CDMA/GSM failed business model: So long as tech and content providing companies believe they might be able to create a monopoly, they have zero incentive to innovate and/or pursue common standards. Suing your customers, rather than charging them less, is not exactly the best way to build loyalty. Having a cellphone or iPad or portable that can work anywhere in the world also would be very nice.

8: Very large regulatory fines levied by the government against companies that destroy privacy with respect to users data: Fining a large bank or software/insurance/media/etc. company $5-10 billion for each major data loss would do wonders for security.

9: The end of the Gs: In practical terms, 4G speed is about as fast as cable modems were 10 years ago. The Gs are just another non-innovative way to spin the product cycle out for another 5-10 years. Is this progress?

10: Jet packs and HAL, of course, Gorilla has been waiting as long for them as he has for the Jets to return to the Super Bowl!


The Italian Job

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Italy’s having to pony up more money to refinance debt

And so the real test of Euroland may be beginning.

Portugal, Ireland, and Greece are very small beer in the scheme of sovereign debt, but Italy and Spain are very large economies.

Sovereign default and/or leaving the Euro cannot be ruled out, which is bound to make bankers in Germany very nervous. They’ve been trying extend and pretend for a year, and it’s clearly not going to work.

Meanwhile, the German government continues merrily along with beggar thy neighbor and a stupidly fetishistic focus on inflation and austerity.

Gorilla says: “When German denial meets German shitpile, better run for the exits!”


Getting Better At Money Laundering

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

When it looks like you’ve been running a decades long criminal conspiracy of pedophiles and crooked bankers, you might want to seem to be better than you are!

The Vatican takes the pledge!!!

Gorilla says: “Appearances, dear boy, appearances…”


Compare And Contrast

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

A black quarterback engages in dogfighting, and is sent to prison for it. One Know Nothing commentator suggests that he should have been executed.

A white quarterback engages in adultery, sexual harassment, obstruction of justice, and lying, and is fined $50,000 for it.

In Nazi Germany, marriage between Germans and Jews was forbidden.

In Israel today, some rabbis and their wives wrote a letter encouraging all Israeli Jewish daughters not to date, marry, work or perform national service with Israeli Arabs.

Gorilla says: “Plus ca change…”


Even Worse Than Gorilla’s Best Guess

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

House prices? Going down another 20% says housing analyst Gary Shiller!

Lots of charts say:

1) A massive oversupply of houses.

2) Nobody’s doing mortgages other than FHA, Fannie, and Freddie.

3) Unemployment is a huge drag on housing, as there is less household formation and more “doubling up”.

4) House prices are still roughly 40% above historical averages.

5) With no likelihood of a housing recovery anytime soon, the US economy will continue to stagger along.

Gorilla says: “A 10-15% drop isn’t enough for this messy bucket!!!”


Build A Fence?

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

No, doesn’t work here, and it’s not possible to keep the Taliban from crossing the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, says a top US commander.

So, the answer is to wait until Taliban fighters attack Afghan villages, where they are more vulnerable!

Honestly, it’s this kind of stupidity that keeps our current wars on terror as pointless as possible.

We don’t have enough troops in Afghanistan, the local government is both despised and corrupt, and there’s zero exit strategy.

Hundreds of billions are wasted, troops die for absolutely nothing, and we keep on with the charade.

Gorilla says: “The local atmospherics say we’re complete idiots, but no one’s bothered to tell the Pentagon!”


A Commonwealth Of Dunces

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

No surprise, really, given that Virginia currently is governed by right-wing extremist idiots…

Who try to save the state money by ordering textbooks that are factually inaccurate!

Gorilla asks: “With books like these, how can we ever explain Ken Cuccinelli to our children?”