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Au Contraire, They’re Laughable

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Yet another in the Washington Post’s Conventional Wisdom Of DC series, wherein something totally idiotic is claimed on behalf of total idiots!

This one’s all about how much the freshman GOP class in the House has changed the political game. And they have to some extent, forcing the previous Know Nothings to participate in as extremist an agenda as has come before Congress since the civil rights days.

But one thing isn’t mentioned: these dolts have absolutely zero leverage in any ongoing discussion about the budget, or destroying science, or gutting Planned Parenthood!

If the government shuts down, guess who will be blamed? The House GOP!

If they pass bills and the President vetos them, guess who will be blamed? The House GOP!

If they think that increasing the ranks of the unemployed, busting unions, and continuing to allow thousands of uninsured Americans to die needlessly is just the ticket, guess who will be blamed? The House GOP!

Gorilla says: “Pay no attention to them, they’re not serious and shouldn’t be taken seriously at all!”


Herr Ex-Doctor zu Plagiarist Falls On His Sword

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

So, there appears to be some accountability somewhere in Germany, at least!

Gorilla says: “Forget about that happening here, we don’t do responsibility or accountability in the USA!”