Good Luck With That

Ban Ki Moon’s unhappy with Israel, the settlements are bad for the peace process!!!

Of course, the assumption behind such criticism is that the Israelis and Palestinians are serious about peace: they’re not!

The time to stop the politically and morally bankrupt settlement policy was 30 years ago, when it began. At this point, no Israeli government is going to uproot their settlers, so trading other land for peace is the only way forward.

Equally, the Palestinians need a referendum, voted on by all their factions, to decide once and for all that they want a two state solution. Leaders like Abbas haven’t done so, because they just might lose.

And the US is, as usual, sitting on the sidelines.

As stupid a decision as the bombing of Libya was, our President knows there’s zero support in the US Congress for anything like pressure on the Israelis, and not enough Palestinians living in the US to offset AIPAC et. al. in 2012.

What will get the two sides to the table for serious negotiations? Only demographics.

So long as the Palestinians keep reproducing at a greater rate, Israelis may find themselves a minority in their own country.

But that won’t happen in earnest for at least another decade.

Gorilla says: “Like Libyan no fly zones, Iraq, and Afghanistan, Middle East peace at present is a pointless waste of time, treasure, and blood!”


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