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Quick Takes For The Week

Friday, August 31st, 2012

CIA: Impunity is alive and well in the USA. No punishment for torture, co-opting the NY Times, and who knows what about rendition. All part of the accountability-free era for all public officials above the level of PFC Koran Burner and Corpse Urinator.

Bernanke Speaks!: And again says nothing. It’s clear that whatever QE3 may be, it won’t be anything like enough to change the tragedy befalling millions of Americans.

Know Nothing Party Convention: Who cares? A parallel universe inhabited by clueless, amoral liars.

Isaac: Not as bad as feared, and a clear demonstration that a competent government, adequately led and mobilized, can indeed make all the difference in everyone’s lives.

Euroland: Dithering now a fine art, although not quite as efficient or obvious as the impact of massive capital flight or the highest level of unemployment since the onset of dithering.

Shoot, shoot, shoot: Just don’t mention how easy it is for someone even crazier than Paul Ryan to bring down a buck disguised as an innocent peaceful assembly.

Third World starvation: Increasingly on the cards as food prices rise 10%. No, we haven’t heard a single leader in the developed world question for one moment the contribution of farm subsidies to poverty.

Syria/Iran/Iraq: Which will come first: nuclear weapons capability, an unending civil war, or the first bilateral summit in nearly 35 years?

Gorilla says: “Happy Labor Day!”


Amoral Liars And An Amoral Fed Chairman

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Gorilla’s been under the weather this week, but he clearly hasn’t missed much.

First up, the Know Nothing convention. When racist, misogynistic liars gather, there’s no news, just amoral, cowardly bullshit. One speech after another filled with lies is what it is: desperation coupled with hatred. Didn’t work for the Nazis, won’t work for the Know Nothings.

Next up, the Fed Chairman, who’s long on words, short on actions, and just as amoral as the bunch gathering in Tampa. There’s zero inflation and high unemployment, and the Fed, as it has for the past decade, is failing completely to support the dual mandate. Goosing asset prices and fighting non-existent inflation, while millions suffer for no reason, is not a serious economic policy.

Gorilla says: “It’s all about the accountability free era we live in: You can’t have a failure of leadership when you have no leaders!”


On Neil Armstrong

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Unlike Gorilla, most Americans alive today were not alive when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.

It’s hard for those who weren’t there to understand what a magnificent accomplishment this was, using technology that would be laughable today.

Gorilla also recalls that Armstrong screwed up the landing speech, which at the time was seen as sadly illustrative of the deep divisions within our society, divisions that remain with us 43 years later:

Vietnam and the space program were juxtaposed against civil rights and poverty.

Armstrong’s modest military style was not universally liked or appreciated by those who believed the US needed to do more at home to make our nation great.

But that’s past history, which hopefully everyone will learn from and judge, what counts is remembering when our country could indeed do marvelous things.

Gorilla says: “Let’s celebrate Neil Armstrong, but never forget how far our country still must go!”


Final Notes For The Week

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Mitt Romney’s birther joke: Reflects precisely upon this candidate: a racist, cowardly liar.

Empire State shooting: A circular firing squad is a circular firing squad, whether those firing are cops or crazy people who have easy access to guns.

Lance Armstrong: who cares? Our society is drug addled from childhood, and moves in lockstep with a need for corporate shilling heroes that seems inexhaustible.

Greece and Germany: The Greeks still don’t understand that they have all the leverage. The “bailout” is a bailout of Northern European banks. Angela Merkel remains both a liar and a coward (the female Mitt Romney). Default’s the best way to concentrate everyone’s minds.

Anders Brevik: let us hear no more from him ever again.

Gorilla says: “Another week for mass murderers and liars, can’t wait for someone decent and honorable to emerge from the carnage!”


The Campaign Issue Nobody Talks About

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Unemployment, of course, which remains disastrously too high…

The Fed’s making its usual “might do something more but nothing that could be considered serious” to address the issue. 2% inflation remains a higher priority for Bernanke and company than the misery of millions.

The President could do more (spend some TARP money and hire people, for example, or direct the Treasury to send everyone a very large check), but politically he’s essentially powerless on the matter because the Congress doesn’t care to do anything at all about unemployed Americans.

Gorilla says: “And so the lost decade continues…”


2000 Pointless Deaths Later

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Still no end in sight in Afghanistan, along with Iraq, Grenada, and Vietnam among the most pointless wars in American history.

Took 10 years to kill the first thousand American soldiers. Has only taken 27 months to kill the next thousand.

Gorilla says: “Let’s not forget that there was and is a bipartisan consensus that maintains strong support for pointless American deaths!”


The Pro-Rapist Party

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

The Know Nothing Party is a pro-rapist party.

Your rapist can be a relative.

Your rapist can be your husband.

Your rapist can be a total stranger.

It matters not at all whether you were raped statutorially, forcibly, or incestuously: If you’re raped, you must bear your rapist’s child.

That’s the party’s platform, and has been for the last 3 Presidential elections.

Gorilla says: “Fighting the Taliban? Not so much at home!”


Not That Anyone Might Notice

Monday, August 20th, 2012

The Know Nothing Party: home of racists, home of misogynists, home of homophobia…

The clown from Missouri’s “legitimate rape” nonsense puts him squarely in the middle of today’s Know Nothing Party.

The majority of these hateful and despicable amoral sociopathic cowards believe that women should be kept in a permanent state of second-class citizenship.

And not a single Know Nothing bothered to condemn this idiocy.

Romney and Ryan (sponsor of the Federal Personhood Amendment, whose views are precisely identical to the Missouri clown’s) merely “disagree”.

Gorilla says: “A vote for these guys is a vote for bigotry, nothing more and nothing less!”


Brief Notes For This Week

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Russia: proving once again that it is little more than a backward country ruled by KGB thugs and kleptocrats, a punk rock band gets 2 years for “hooliganism” aka thinking that peaceful assembly was a human right, while the Moscow city government bans gay pride marches for 100 years. You don’t need a gulag when you’re grinding your country into the dust.

Syria: descending into civil war which will likely take Lebanon down with it. Still no sign of an international consensus, so the bloodshed will continue.

Paul Ryan/Mitt Romney: there’s nothing to say about these two amoral, cowardly liars that they haven’t said already.

Iraq: also on the cusp of civil war, the sooner we’re out for good the sooner a settlement can be reached. Since they have 60% of the population, while controlling most of the government and the firepower, the Shiites will win.

Afghanistan: the disaster continues. It’s clear there’s absolutely no reason for us to remain another 2 years. If Obama is reelected, we’ll pull out next year.

Asian island madness: who cares?

Unemployment: should be the number one issue, but has roughly the same importance in this election as the question of which Asian country owns which island. A disgrace, but what do you expect when both parties essentially serve only the wealthy?

Gorilla says: “Another birthday for me, another year of pointless repetition to overcome!”


Yet Again: Missing The Inflation Target, Doing Nothing About Unemployment

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Inflation’s running well below the Fed’s 2% inflation target, while unemployment remains above 8% and the Fed continues to do nothing.

What’s needed is QE3 for you and me: lots of money provided directly to Americans. The Fed could buy up and refinance all the mortgages in the country. The Fed could send a check for $10,000 to every American. The Fed could announce a much higher inflation target (5% would be about right) that will be pursued until unemployment drops below 7%.

But the Fed does nothing, primarily because its notion of independence means it can’t get too involved in helping the US economy during an election year.

Such an approach is what it is: cowardly and amoral.

Gorilla says: “Stupid or evil, it makes no difference, the Fed is a disaster!”