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Gorilla Goes Abroad

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Two weeks ahead in Scotland for Gorilla, light posting shall be the order of the day!

Gorilla says: “I can hear Paul Robeson calling me!”


Not Being Discussed At All

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Unemployment, of course, as claims continue to be way too high…

For all the garbage spewed by Mitt Romney this week, the fact remains that no one in either party is doing a damned thing about unemployment.

Ben Bernanke’s solution, shoveling more money at the bankers, may or may not work.

Why the Fed doesn’t simply send everyone a check and eliminate the middle man is beyond understanding.

Most of the blame lies with the Know Nothings, who would rather destroy America than lift a finger to help anyone other than the rich.

But Democrats aren’t proposing anything.

What’s needed is large scale stimulus and a jobs program.

It doesn’t matter if such ideas are defeated by the Congress: run on that platform and get more Democrats elected.

Gorilla says: “Millions need not be idle, but the brains of our leaders remain stuck in neutral!”


Shorter Mitt Romney “Secret” Video

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

A moocher ain’t nothin’ but a fellow citizen in need of outsourcing.


11 Years Of Failure

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Afghanistan: NATO scaling back joint operations, because the Afghans we supposedly are training to take over alas apparently shoot us first and don’t ask questions later!

And it’s long past time to end this charade. We’ve pointlessly wasted a trillion or more dollars and thousands of lives to achieve what Afghans themselves have always achieved: a continuous civil war.

Gorilla says: “Training the trainers equals braining the no brainers!”


Quick Takes For The Week

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Middle East demos: It’s clear that your average Islamist fanatic has no better friend in the West than your average Christian fanatic. The President, as usual, demonstrated that he is a grown up, while Mitt Romney demonstrated that he is both a liar and unqualified for higher public office. And Netanyahu, certainly the worst Israeli Prime Minister, again attempts to interfere in American politics, all in hopes that his non-seriousness about peace and the non-threat of Iran won’t be noticed.

Euroland: Another week in which the promise and the reality remain far apart. The ECB say it will buy as many bonds as necessary to keep interest rates down, but the insistence on austerity means that Spain, Greece, and probably Italy will need further bailouts. The Germans, meanwhile, continue to play their mendacious, amoral game with millions of the unemployed. It will not end happily until competitive balance is restored, much more money is printed, much higher inflation is tolerated, and the ECB becomes a serious central bank.

Chicago: The teachers strike goes on. As does the curious approach of Americans to education: we say we want the best for our children, but aren’t really willing to pay to make that possible. Chicago’s children need parents who are employed. America needs politicians who put public education first, meaning no more wasting money on charter schools and reforms that line the pockets of reformers while doing nothing much at all for outcomes.

Putin: The thug is also a liar, having stage managed his various publicity stunts in the best tradition of socialist unrealism. A diathlon with Mao up the Volga and Yangtse would cap off this Olympic year.

Dutch elections: Muddling through remains the national impulse. So long as the neighbors don’t notice, the Dutch will continue doing as they please.

Gorilla says: “Only a week to go to my vacation, nothing to see here!”


Finally, But More Please!

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Ben Bernanke has at last gotten off his ass and announced a more or less unlimited QE3.

Time to cheer?

Well, yes and no.

What was missing today is a clear statement that the Fed will allow inflation to rise even after an economic recovery is in place. And that rise in inflation should be linked explicitly to a fall in unemployment: Gorilla would like to see 5% inflation until unemployment falls to 6% or less.

Giving money to all Americans freely might be more efficient than providing it to our very corrupt financial system. The banks have stockpiled huge amounts of cash already, they’re still deleveraging, and the demand that would spark lending remains woefully inadequate.

Free money in everyone’s pocket would greatly assist in getting demand, and therefore GDP growth, back to the trend line. It would also make a huge dent in what should be unacceptably high levels of unemployment.

Bernanke’s history has been to be too late and too conservative. Unlimited QE3 says he understands that the Fed can do a lot more than it has so far.

Gorilla says: “A bit of straight talk would be welcome, but at least they’re putting money where there mouth isn’t!”


Religion And Free Speech Are Evil: They Must Be Protected

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

It’s very clear that right-wing Know Nothing extremists are behind the anti-Islam video that provoked rioting in Egypt and the death of the US Ambassador to Libya.

Such people and the reaction to such behavior are beneath contempt, but it is their right to speak freely and peacefully assemble in a democratic society.

That such speech is hateful and disgusting does not excuse the consequences of their speech or the unpeaceful actions of a barbaric mob motivated by a hateful and disgusting religious viewpoint.

America’s not going to win over these extremists, regardless of their beliefs.

What America can do is defend to the death the basic rights of free citizens which make such abhorrent free speech and the consequences of such speech possible.

That principle, which has suffered greatly in the years since 9/11, is what America should be all about.

Democracy isn’t easy.

Citizenship in a democracy demands both responsibility and a willingness to understand why people disagree.

Gorilla says: “Religion is evil, but suppression of basic human rights is even worse!”


Mitt Romney: A Disgusting, Disgraceful Liar

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

The US consulate was attacked and our Ambassador was killed by, as usual, a group of religious thugs whose barbarity demonstrates conclusively that no religion can ever be trusted.

So what does Mitt Romney say about this?

“It’s disgraceful that the Obama administration’s first response was not to condemn the attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.”

In fact, Mitt Romney, as usual, is lying.

Mitt Romney, a liar, is unfit to hold any elected office.

Using the death of an Ambassador, who represents all Americans, to buttress a cheap and disgraceful attack on our President, on of all days the anniversary of 9/11, demonstrates conclusively what an evil scumbag Mitt Romney is.

Gorilla says: “Mitt Romney’s behavior should be unforgivable, he deserves nothing but the contempt of all Americans!”


Still Learning Nothing About The Past

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

9/11: The greatest failure in US national security history was followed by the second and third greatest failures in national security history (the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan).

Torture and a massive clampdown on civil rights are the legacy.

3,000 people died for absolutely nothing.

None of the people responsible for these disasters have ever been held accountable.

Gorilla says: “Unless we confront the reality of 9/11, we’re condemned to repeat the same fantasies that made 9/11 possible!”


Another Generation Of God Fearing Morons

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

7,000 home schooled kids in Virginia, and their parents don’t have to uphold any educational standard whatsoever.

Meanwhile, teachers in Chicago, like teachers everywhere, are being demonized in an effort to destroy what’s left of unions.

None of these stupidities are actually about trying to educate our kids.

If we were serious about that, we’d immediately start a jobs program for their parents, make the social safety net for the poor much larger, have a year-round school year, and pay teachers the same salaries (or higher) that we pay policemen, firemen, and nurses.

Gorilla says: “Is it any wonder that idiots like McDonnell and Emanuel keep getting elected?”