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Shorter British Pensions Policy

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Private sector workers have nothing for retirement, so public sector workers should have nothing for retirement.


How’s Austerity Working?

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Not very well in Britain!!!

Again and again, in county after country, the problem is a lack of demand, made worse by the refusal of governments to undertake sufficient stimulus to close the output gap.

Jobs programs are desperately needed, but the idiots are in charge, so the cuts keep coming!!!

Gorilla says: “It’s still the same old story, a blight so dumb and sorry!!!”


How Free Speech Works In Britain

Monday, March 7th, 2011

You’re a Muslim “extremist” and you decide to burn a few poppies and chant anti-British slogans during the moment of silence on Remembrance Day in London.

So, you’re arrested, charged with an offense under the Public Order Act, tried, found guilty, and fined 50 pounds (plus a “victim surcharge” of 15 pounds).

The whole poppy motif comes from the WWI poem In Flanders Fields.

Many in Britain, Canada, and the Commonwealth countries of the old British Empire revere the poem, while some believe its tone ignores the stupid pointlessness of that war (and some believe the poem is divided equally between ironic sarcasm and nationalistic hectoring about war).

Presumably, the “extremist” found guilty sees it as a metaphor for the post-9/11 wars undertaken by Britain in Muslim majority countries, since he shouted “Burn, burn, British soldiers, burn in hell!”

It’s precisely these differences in interpretation that should be welcome in any country that values free speech.

If the poppy carries a potent symbolism, as the American flag does here, that should not mean that there can be no dissent at whatever a majority feels is the message within the medium.

So long as the protest is peaceful, there’s no reason to be worried about the future of the monarchy or the republic.

Burning a few poppies, or a few flags, seems like a very modest protest. Shouting a few words, however hateful people may think they are, at a public memorial service is hardly a threat to liberty.

Gorilla says: “As with Westboro, so with other minority views, you must defend them, otherwise what indeed was the point of all those troops’ sacrifice?”


The British Press Is Many Things

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Free it is not!

When public figures can use the courts to gag the press, and the government can spike a story at any time on national security grounds, there’s very little to cheer about in Blighty…

Gorilla says: “Publish and be damned is always better than gagging on secrecy!”


The Special Relationship

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

The Brits now provide us with the means to engage in state sponsored murder!!!

Gorilla asks: “We won the revolution for this?”


High On Science Silence

Monday, December 6th, 2010

What happens when you ask a panel of scientific advisers to tackle drugs, and they tell you that legalization’s the only sane, scientifically supportable policy?

Why, of course, you decide that future panels shouldn’t be populated with scientists!

Gorilla says: “Next, we’ll be firing regulators for getting into bed with bankers! No, wait, that’s sounds too much like the British scientific method!”


Not Worth A Candle

Monday, September 20th, 2010

The British are pulling out of Sangin in Afghanistan, a place where they were slaughtered with regularity and incapable of defeating either the Taliban or the opium trade.

They’ll be replaced by American marines, who haven’t had any better luck but are better equipped militarily.

The new British PM’s trying to put a brave face on what is nothing but a national defeat by saying his soldiers did not die in vain and made Afghanistan a safer place.

This itself does the soldiers and their families no favors, it’s the sort of delusional nonsense both politicians and military commanders inflict upon weary publics who’ve known for some time that Afghanistan is an unwinnable, pointless war.

You don’t get your children back, your fellow citizens couldn’t care less about the sacrifices a handful of families are making, and your country doesn’t recoup the trillions wasted in pursuit of fifth-rate terrorists who once got lucky.

It’s an international disgrace, but there are no Western leaders willing to stand up and say “Enough!”

Gorilla says: “The dogs of war are as stupid as they’ve ever been, this time they stayed 10 years and died for nothing!”


Hung Parliament, Hung Currency

Friday, May 7th, 2010

The Tories win in Britain, but not by enough to avoid a coalition government! So the pound falls (actually good news for the UK, as it tries to cope with a large national debt), and the scrambling for power begins.

Meanwhile, back in Euroland, parliaments are having no difficulty passing various austerity/loan plans, but the markets remain unconvinced. The EU appears woefully unable to cope with the contagion. It appears very likely that Greece will default on some of its debts, and that Portugal and Spain will be the next countries to come under sustained market attack.

Gorilla says: “A spoonful of euros makes the markets go down!”


The Advice Of Hypocrisy

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Britain: better get your fiscal house in order, says Brussels!!!

When the laughing stops, the British might remind Euroland that it has a big advantage over Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy, and Portugal: a currency it can call its own…

And that currency can be devalued quite easily, because London isn’t running a monetary policy based on pleasing Germany and bailing out her bankers!

Greece and the others caught in Eurocontagionville would be better off deciding, if the decision hasn’t already been made for them, that the Euro is best left behind.

Default is always an easy choice when the alternative is 10 years of no growth and a total breakdown in social cohesion.

Gorilla says: “Let’s see who wins the race to break the buck!”


A More Accurate Memo Would Say…

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

“The visit to Britain by Pope Benedict XVI, the noted protector of pedophiles, could be endangered, if anyone still took him seriously”.

Instead, a Foreign Office memo suggests Benedict develop a line of condoms, bless a gay marriage, ordain a woman priest, and open an abortion clinic.

Gorilla says: “One man’s pedophile is another man’s Saint Peter”.