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A Rough Week For Democracy And Failed States

Monday, June 17th, 2013

In the US, where our government has been spying on us for a decade and nobody in power wants to hear, much less do anything about it…

In Turkey, where a phony democracy now plans to use the army, which actually still runs the country, on its own people…

In Iran, a non-democracy where for the umpteenth time in the last 35 years, a moderate has been chosen to keep people in line…

In Syria, a dictatorship that received a strong endorsement from KGBeast Vlad, apparently because Assad slaughters his people more humanely…

In Burma, an emerging non-democracy where people are killed because of their religious beliefs…

In the Congo, a cesspool of misery for 50 years, where people are killed by the millions and no American or European leaders care to intervene…

In Pakistan, where religious belief kills and enslaves women in their millions…

Gorilla says: “We could do more, or we could do less, but we need to think more about what we’re doing!”


Quick Takes For The Week

Friday, August 31st, 2012

CIA: Impunity is alive and well in the USA. No punishment for torture, co-opting the NY Times, and who knows what about rendition. All part of the accountability-free era for all public officials above the level of PFC Koran Burner and Corpse Urinator.

Bernanke Speaks!: And again says nothing. It’s clear that whatever QE3 may be, it won’t be anything like enough to change the tragedy befalling millions of Americans.

Know Nothing Party Convention: Who cares? A parallel universe inhabited by clueless, amoral liars.

Isaac: Not as bad as feared, and a clear demonstration that a competent government, adequately led and mobilized, can indeed make all the difference in everyone’s lives.

Euroland: Dithering now a fine art, although not quite as efficient or obvious as the impact of massive capital flight or the highest level of unemployment since the onset of dithering.

Shoot, shoot, shoot: Just don’t mention how easy it is for someone even crazier than Paul Ryan to bring down a buck disguised as an innocent peaceful assembly.

Third World starvation: Increasingly on the cards as food prices rise 10%. No, we haven’t heard a single leader in the developed world question for one moment the contribution of farm subsidies to poverty.

Syria/Iran/Iraq: Which will come first: nuclear weapons capability, an unending civil war, or the first bilateral summit in nearly 35 years?

Gorilla says: “Happy Labor Day!”


Brief Notes For This Week

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Russia: proving once again that it is little more than a backward country ruled by KGB thugs and kleptocrats, a punk rock band gets 2 years for “hooliganism” aka thinking that peaceful assembly was a human right, while the Moscow city government bans gay pride marches for 100 years. You don’t need a gulag when you’re grinding your country into the dust.

Syria: descending into civil war which will likely take Lebanon down with it. Still no sign of an international consensus, so the bloodshed will continue.

Paul Ryan/Mitt Romney: there’s nothing to say about these two amoral, cowardly liars that they haven’t said already.

Iraq: also on the cusp of civil war, the sooner we’re out for good the sooner a settlement can be reached. Since they have 60% of the population, while controlling most of the government and the firepower, the Shiites will win.

Afghanistan: the disaster continues. It’s clear there’s absolutely no reason for us to remain another 2 years. If Obama is reelected, we’ll pull out next year.

Asian island madness: who cares?

Unemployment: should be the number one issue, but has roughly the same importance in this election as the question of which Asian country owns which island. A disgrace, but what do you expect when both parties essentially serve only the wealthy?

Gorilla says: “Another birthday for me, another year of pointless repetition to overcome!”


Why Sanctions Are No Substitute For A Serious Policy

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

There are too many incentives and too little control over amoral and treasonous people who want to make a buck.

Yesterday, it was Standard Chartered laundering money illegally for the government of Iran. Today, it’s some German businessmen selling nuclear plant valves to Iran.

Meanwhile, the Israelis are again making military attack noises, and no one actually seems to have a serious Iranian policy. Such a policy should involve bilateral negotiations between the US and Iran, which would exchange diplomatic recognition and trade for IAEA inspections. This can’t be done in a US election year, but it’s clear that there’s no support from either Russia or China for further UN sanctions, making the international community more or less irrelevant to resolving the Iran issue.

Gorilla says: “If we want no nuclear weapons in Iran, we need to deal directly with Iran!”


Our Bank Committed Treason, Now Let’s Make A Deal!

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

It’s hard to believe, but this is in essence what Standard Chartered is saying!

Having illegally laundered money for the Iranian government (the only dispute is about the amount), in clear violation of UN sanctions, Standard Chartered should at a minimum lose its US banking license and its US management and board should be charged with money laundering and treason. What the difference is between British bankers funding a genocidal regime and Swiss bankers doing the same for the Nazis is hard to fathom.

So of course SC’s UK-based CEO will come over and try to buy his bank’s way out.

Gorilla says: “In the banksters’ fantasy world, accountability is not something you want to bring up until it can be bought!”

Update: And of course accountability can be bought, in this case for $340 million and a couple of extra years of more “strenuous” oversight. The fine in question amounts to 1/1000th of a percent of the amount of money illegally laundered by Standard Chartered on behalf of Iran. No actual Standard Chartered employees or directors will be punished in any way for what would certainly qualify as an act of treason if committed by a US citizen under US law. Welcome again to the American justice system: if you’re rich, you can act with impunity, all others get screwed.


Why Sanctions Don’t Work

Monday, August 6th, 2012

All you need is one (or more) corrupt banks willing to break the law and launder money for bad regimes

And until the CEOs and Directors of such banks are indicted, preferably for treason, tried, found guilty and sentenced to long prison terms, nothing will change.

Gorilla says: “There needs to be a well founded fear by bankers that they will be imprisoned and lose everything if they engage in treason. Until that fear is real, sanctions and all the rest are just more window dressing for an accountability free era”.


Bits And Bobs And BVDs

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Another underwear bomber: another ridiculous story of a plot that went nowhere, apparently designed to make DOD/CIA/TSA budget requests foolproof.

Hillary hits a snag in India: no, the Indians will not be supporting the US boycott of Iranian oil, and no, the Chinese won’t either.

Gay marriage: what’s worse, not stating what you believe or pretending that your cowardice will change once Arne Duncan weighs in?

Greece and France: Contagion will continue, as will pointless austerity. Elections no longer seem to matter in Euroland, unless they’re approved by the Bundesbank.

Gorilla says: “So far, a weak of very minor irritations and politics as usual!”


Driving A Tanker Through Sanctions

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

So long as India, China, et. al. can continue to import Iranian oil, sanctions will not work.

Iran may be feeling slightly more pinched these days, but Western policy remains deeply unserious.

What’s needed is a bilateral negotiation between the US and Iran, leading to diplomatic recognition and lots of trade.

The mullahs aren’t likely to stop going nuclear, and the rest of the world is very tired of the endless, pointless wars for oil.

Want to restrict dependency on the Middle East and rogue states like Iran? Then raise taxes substantially on fossil fuels and make alternatives economically viable.

Instead we’ll have another 2 years of “Iran is evil, they may have nukes!”, followed by yet more demonstrations that air power alone doesn’t make the world safe for democracy.

Gorilla says: “Persian springs are the only way out of this nonsensical mattress!”


The Iranian Non-Crisis

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Iran: doesn’t have nuclear weapons, may not have them for 2 or more years, and therefore is not a serious threat to anyone already having nuclear weapons!

So why gin up a phony crisis between the US and Israel?

And why not ask the Israeli Prime Minister why he’s so keen on going to war with Iran and so totally uninterested in peace with the Palestinians?

Gorilla says, “Posturing is all diplomacy passes for and up these days!”


Pyongyang Punditry

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

If we can sit down and cut a nuclear weapons deal with North Korea, why can’t we do the same thing with Iran?

Gorilla answers: “Because their people aren’t starving and their banks are solvent, apparently!”