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Catching Up On Some News

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Manning verdict: not a surprise. The aiding the enemy charge was ridiculous (is the enemy a reader of the Times and the Guardian?). 10-15 years seems like the right sentence, but they’ll probably give him 50 years plus to show they can.

Fed Chair search: Larry Summers has been so wrong so many times about so many things, not to mention a thriving sexist on the Wall Street dole, so he shouldn’t be nominated. Janet Yellen seems like just the sort of competent professional Fednik you’d want, particularly after the disasters that were Greenspan and Bernanke.

Wall Street commodities manipulation: Quelle surprise!!! Until bankers have a well-founded fear that they will lose both all their personal assets and their freedom, we’ll continue to have this sort of crime disguised as arbitrage.

Pope can handle gays: So what? The criminal enterprise he runs remains deeply homophobic and misogynistic. Nice to care more about the poor, but not when you surround yourself with amoral pygmies whose anti-contraception campaigns have done as much as any government to keep people poor.

Failed state tour d’horizon: Egypt should be holding elections right away, and the US should be cutting off military aid until the military ceases to be the real power in the country. Iraq and Afghanistan look headed for civil war once we finally get out. Pakistan continues to disintegrate, and there’s not a lot we can do about it. A caliphate in Central Asia isn’t in our interests, but when has Central Asia ever been in our interests?

Middle East peace: Another sham round of talking about talking, to be followed by more illegal settlements and Hamas trying to get control of the West Bank. 65 years of this nonsense demonstrates clearly that the US has zero interest in whatever outcome the two sides don’t believe in.

Another summer and fall of watching the Know Nothing loons strut their stuff to the detriment of the country and the world.

Gorilla says: “At the moment, the snoozeometer is set on stun!”


A Larger Scale

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Two things to keep in mind as the international community starts up yet another proxy war in the Middle East:

1) Syria is Lebanon on a larger scale.

2) Iraq is Syria on a larger scale.

At least our President has learned from the failures that were Iraq and Afghanistan.

He’s pursuing absolutely the right policy in Syria, which is to try diplomacy, particularly with the Russians, who are making the conflict much worse by propping up a failing dictatorship; they know they’ll be the big loser is Assad falls.

We have zero national security interests in Syria other than to keep the Israelis out of the way and minimize the possibility of a regional war.

Gorilla says: “Doing nothing very much is often better than pretending to care!”


Shorter Iraq Anniversary

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Our leaders all lied, and they’ve never been held accountable for the war crimes they committed in the name of lying, Iraqi deaths and our soldiers’ deaths were entirely for nothing, as they’ve also been in Afghanistan, and that means we’ll very likely repeat this again whenever we are led by stupid, amoral people!


Quick Takes For The Week

Friday, September 7th, 2012

DNC: Who cares? Nice to see Democrats unified and on message, but the message is very pedestrian. Not much to say about unemployment, too much attention to unimportant deficits, and nothing at all about reducing the influence of both Wall Street and the Pentagon. Obama will win reelection, but not much will happen until and unless the Democrats regain the House and end the filibuster.

Euroland: A small but necessary first step. The proof will come when Greece is let go and in whether higher inflation and more consumption will be allowed to occur in Germany. The betting here is that the crisis will continue.

Iraq and Syria: probably the least reported major international news story. Iraq’s in bed with Iran to back up Assad, and the US isn’t doing much to stop it, yet again demonstrating the utter pointlessness of the war in Iraq. And this is our ally?

Afghanistan: A dead loss that should have been finished a decade ago. We’ll be out before 2014.

Gorilla says: “A great week for rhetoric, but inaction still speaks louder!”


Quick Takes For The Week

Friday, August 31st, 2012

CIA: Impunity is alive and well in the USA. No punishment for torture, co-opting the NY Times, and who knows what about rendition. All part of the accountability-free era for all public officials above the level of PFC Koran Burner and Corpse Urinator.

Bernanke Speaks!: And again says nothing. It’s clear that whatever QE3 may be, it won’t be anything like enough to change the tragedy befalling millions of Americans.

Know Nothing Party Convention: Who cares? A parallel universe inhabited by clueless, amoral liars.

Isaac: Not as bad as feared, and a clear demonstration that a competent government, adequately led and mobilized, can indeed make all the difference in everyone’s lives.

Euroland: Dithering now a fine art, although not quite as efficient or obvious as the impact of massive capital flight or the highest level of unemployment since the onset of dithering.

Shoot, shoot, shoot: Just don’t mention how easy it is for someone even crazier than Paul Ryan to bring down a buck disguised as an innocent peaceful assembly.

Third World starvation: Increasingly on the cards as food prices rise 10%. No, we haven’t heard a single leader in the developed world question for one moment the contribution of farm subsidies to poverty.

Syria/Iran/Iraq: Which will come first: nuclear weapons capability, an unending civil war, or the first bilateral summit in nearly 35 years?

Gorilla says: “Happy Labor Day!”


Brief Notes For This Week

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Russia: proving once again that it is little more than a backward country ruled by KGB thugs and kleptocrats, a punk rock band gets 2 years for “hooliganism” aka thinking that peaceful assembly was a human right, while the Moscow city government bans gay pride marches for 100 years. You don’t need a gulag when you’re grinding your country into the dust.

Syria: descending into civil war which will likely take Lebanon down with it. Still no sign of an international consensus, so the bloodshed will continue.

Paul Ryan/Mitt Romney: there’s nothing to say about these two amoral, cowardly liars that they haven’t said already.

Iraq: also on the cusp of civil war, the sooner we’re out for good the sooner a settlement can be reached. Since they have 60% of the population, while controlling most of the government and the firepower, the Shiites will win.

Afghanistan: the disaster continues. It’s clear there’s absolutely no reason for us to remain another 2 years. If Obama is reelected, we’ll pull out next year.

Asian island madness: who cares?

Unemployment: should be the number one issue, but has roughly the same importance in this election as the question of which Asian country owns which island. A disgrace, but what do you expect when both parties essentially serve only the wealthy?

Gorilla says: “Another birthday for me, another year of pointless repetition to overcome!”


A Few Global Loose Ends Not On Romney’s Tour

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Russia: the KGB kleptocracy intends to keep a firm lid on dissent.

India: all the growth in the world can’t yet make up for a terrible infrastructure and an uneducated, impoverished, and overpopulated polity.

Iraq and Afghanistan: the pointless wars continue, the theft by contractors continues, the complete lack of success continues.

Japan: once again making clear that covering up and not losing face are far more important than exposing millions of people to dangerous levels of radiation.

Congo: does anyone care that this decades old civil war never ends?

Sudan: ditto, slightly more people care because it has oil.

Kosovo: seriously, did you think it would ever go away? Another triumphant NATO failure disguised as a permanent peacekeeping mission.

Gorilla says: “There are plenty more of these Romneyesque gaffes to come!”


A Policeman’s Lot

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Is not a happy one, especially if your country’s been “liberated” by a pointless war…

In Iraq, the civil war continues, 100 dead yesterday, most of them policemen.

In Afghanistan, being a policeman yesterday meant being poisoned by your colleagues while they’re on the way to defect to the Taliban.

In America, it’s different, there you can be a policeman in favor of gun control, knowing there’s no chance it will ever happen!

Gorilla says: “With cat like tread, you find yourself dead!”


Primogeniture, Dear Boy, Primogeniture!

Monday, December 19th, 2011

In a week that saw the death of the Dear Leader and the end of the Iraq War as we knew it, Gorilla thought it appropriate to remember how we got here via one of his most famous songs:

What happens when the gene pool gets overchlorinated?

The Ballad Of Poppy Il Sung


The End Of A Failure

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Iraq, where all US troops will be gone by the end of the year…

This utterly stupid and pointless war resulted in absolutely nothing being accomplished. It began on a lie and is ending in failure.

What’s left is a corrupt regime, a country that will likely descend into civil war, and a pro-Iranian check on US objectives in the Middle East. The oil remains in the ground, the killing of civilians remains unchecked, and the US has the blood of hundreds of thousands (not to mention the millions of refugees) on its hands.

Gorilla says: “A great failure, a great disaster, a worthless Pentagon, and a lying President combined to deliver a big fat zero!”