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Quelle Surprise!

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians are going nowhere!!!

Is this John Kerry’s Munich moment, or should we just bomb both sides to smithereens?

The Israelis have used chemical weapons against the Palestinians, with impunity, continued to build illegal settlements, and are led by a Prime Minister who has never ever been serious about peace or the peace process.

The Palestinians are deeply divided, and it’s unclear that a referendum in favor of the peace process could command a majority.

The US isn’t willing to bring any pressure on the Israelis, and is therefore not an honest broker.

Gorilla says: “Deeply unserious nations will continue to kill each other and in the end nobody actually cares!”


Ten Issues Nobody Really Cares About

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

1) Torture: Manning gets 35 years for leaking documents, while torture continues in Guantanamo and around the world.

2) Syria: Chemical weapons or not, nobody’s going to war for Syria.

3) Egypt: a failed state and a successful military dictatorship.

4) Middle East peace: a sham and a fraud, as it’s been most of the last 65 years.

5) The deficit and/or the debt: Both are falling, while those who claim to be worried are only worried about their taxes being raised.

6) Gun Control: puhleeze…

7) Immigration Reform: has never been a realistic possibility in this Congress.

8) Afghanistan and Pakistan: two failed states in a race to the Islamist bottom.

9) North Korea: Maybe the Chinese are slightly worried about massive refugee flows when the regime implodes, but otherwise there’s nothing there.

10) The “rebranding” of the Know Nothing Party: see Middle East peace.

Gorilla says: “All of these things distract us from the economy, which no one in DC cares about!”


Netanyahu Has Never Been Serious About Peace

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

The current Israeli Prime Minister has never supported the peace process, and nothing he has said this week changes that fact.

The Israelis, like the Palestinians and the Americans, are deeply divided.

Right-wingers like Netanyahu believe they can continue occupation indefinitely while building more settlements to change permanently the facts on the ground.

Moderate Israelis don’t have much power at the moment, and have not been able to articulate a politically successful peace policy for the past decade.

Demographics eventually will force Israel to make a deal, but that may not come for another decade or more.

What’s frustrating is that everyone knows the policy outlined by President Obama, while containing absolutely nothing new, is the basis for a peaceful solution to the conflict.

Land swaps, the end of both settlements and the right to return, and mutual recognition are the way forward.

Gorilla says: “It takes two to tango, and at the moment we don’t have one!”


Not Settling, No Less

Monday, September 13th, 2010

One of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s coalition partners will bring the Israeli government down if the settlement “freeze” is not stopped.

According to the Yesha Council: “Any continuation of the construction freeze would lead to severe political instability within Israel and the ultimate collapse of the current government”.

The Palestinians have already said they’re walking out of recently restarted talks if the settlement freeze is abandoned.

And this is why the “peace process” is so pointless: neither side is serious about peace.

Sooner or later, the Israelis will have to cut a deal, because the demographics are working against the long-term viability of a Jewish state.

The main obstacle for the Israelis will be dealing with the illegal settlements and the political fallout that comes from a wholly divided nation.

Sooner or later, the Palestinians will have to cut a deal, or descend into civil war.

The main obstacle for the Palestinians is agreeing to Israel’s right to exist and telling Palestinian refugees that they will never return to the homes they lost in 1948.

Gorilla says: “Sooner or later for these parties means sometime in the next 50 years, but before then peace is a total non-starter!”


An Empty Package

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Tony Blair, a man whose credibility is, to put it charitably, non-existent in the Middle East now says he hopes a new package of unannounced steps will get peace talks back into indirect nothingness.

Yes, that is a mealy mouthful.

What would a genuine package look like?

It would have the US tell the Israelis that future aid will be tied to Israeli behavior. Settlements going up mean aid’s going down.

It would tell the Palestinians that they must decide once and for all, perhaps via referendum, on whether they want peace and are ready to recognize Israel’s right to exist.

There’s zero chance of this happening at present, or perhaps ever, but until the US is an honest broker, and the two sides are genuinely serious about peace, there’s little point in dispatching clowns like Tony Blair and George Mitchell to tell us what we already know.

Gorilla says: “It’s 1948 all over again, wait til next year!”