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Catching Up On Some News

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Manning verdict: not a surprise. The aiding the enemy charge was ridiculous (is the enemy a reader of the Times and the Guardian?). 10-15 years seems like the right sentence, but they’ll probably give him 50 years plus to show they can.

Fed Chair search: Larry Summers has been so wrong so many times about so many things, not to mention a thriving sexist on the Wall Street dole, so he shouldn’t be nominated. Janet Yellen seems like just the sort of competent professional Fednik you’d want, particularly after the disasters that were Greenspan and Bernanke.

Wall Street commodities manipulation: Quelle surprise!!! Until bankers have a well-founded fear that they will lose both all their personal assets and their freedom, we’ll continue to have this sort of crime disguised as arbitrage.

Pope can handle gays: So what? The criminal enterprise he runs remains deeply homophobic and misogynistic. Nice to care more about the poor, but not when you surround yourself with amoral pygmies whose anti-contraception campaigns have done as much as any government to keep people poor.

Failed state tour d’horizon: Egypt should be holding elections right away, and the US should be cutting off military aid until the military ceases to be the real power in the country. Iraq and Afghanistan look headed for civil war once we finally get out. Pakistan continues to disintegrate, and there’s not a lot we can do about it. A caliphate in Central Asia isn’t in our interests, but when has Central Asia ever been in our interests?

Middle East peace: Another sham round of talking about talking, to be followed by more illegal settlements and Hamas trying to get control of the West Bank. 65 years of this nonsense demonstrates clearly that the US has zero interest in whatever outcome the two sides don’t believe in.

Another summer and fall of watching the Know Nothing loons strut their stuff to the detriment of the country and the world.

Gorilla says: “At the moment, the snoozeometer is set on stun!”


Once Again

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Neither side is serious about Middle East peace, so talks are a waste of time.

The Israeli right wants territory, Hamas wants recognition and power, and the US has zero willingness to exert leverage on either side.

Gorilla says: “Immigration reform has a better chance than this nonsense!”


Quick Takes For The Week

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Middle East demos: It’s clear that your average Islamist fanatic has no better friend in the West than your average Christian fanatic. The President, as usual, demonstrated that he is a grown up, while Mitt Romney demonstrated that he is both a liar and unqualified for higher public office. And Netanyahu, certainly the worst Israeli Prime Minister, again attempts to interfere in American politics, all in hopes that his non-seriousness about peace and the non-threat of Iran won’t be noticed.

Euroland: Another week in which the promise and the reality remain far apart. The ECB say it will buy as many bonds as necessary to keep interest rates down, but the insistence on austerity means that Spain, Greece, and probably Italy will need further bailouts. The Germans, meanwhile, continue to play their mendacious, amoral game with millions of the unemployed. It will not end happily until competitive balance is restored, much more money is printed, much higher inflation is tolerated, and the ECB becomes a serious central bank.

Chicago: The teachers strike goes on. As does the curious approach of Americans to education: we say we want the best for our children, but aren’t really willing to pay to make that possible. Chicago’s children need parents who are employed. America needs politicians who put public education first, meaning no more wasting money on charter schools and reforms that line the pockets of reformers while doing nothing much at all for outcomes.

Putin: The thug is also a liar, having stage managed his various publicity stunts in the best tradition of socialist unrealism. A diathlon with Mao up the Volga and Yangtse would cap off this Olympic year.

Dutch elections: Muddling through remains the national impulse. So long as the neighbors don’t notice, the Dutch will continue doing as they please.

Gorilla says: “Only a week to go to my vacation, nothing to see here!”


Gun Control Equals Middle East Peace

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Nobody’s serious about it at all, so the killing will continue…


Blogging Blues

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Gorilla loves to write, loves his blog, but also gets weary going over the same old issues that never get resolved.

For example, who cares who wins the Know Nothing party nomination? Absent a total economic breakdown in the next 6 months, President Obama should cruise to reelection.

Who cares about the US budget deficit? Actually, no one in power cares, but they’re stuck in a doom loop narrative of their own creation.

Cruise ships? Can’t be bothered.

Various Middle Eastern civil wars and other conflicts? Honestly, it’s great to see a somewhat fitful march towards democracy, but there’s no US national security interest involved in the region that doesn’t begin and end with oil.

So, Gorilla’s not been as frequently topical thus far in 2012.

Gorilla says: “Hoping the world obliges with more interesting news this Chinese New Year!”


Early Non-Issues of 2012

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Gorilla returns to the blog with a few insights from the outer limits on issues that won’t matter at all in 2012:

The Know Nothing Party’s Presidential and Vice Presidential Nominees: Whoever they are, they will lose the general election.

The US defense budget: Could easily be cut by 30-50%, but it’s a middle class jobs program, so it will remain, like ag subsidies, a symbol of what politicians will never touch in any serious way.

The Arab League: No, they won’t solve Syria, or any other Middle Eastern problem, because they never have.

Middle East peace: See The Arab League.

North Korea: Another dictator, another year of irrelevance.

Iranian noisemaking: They’re more concerned with consolidating their influence in Baghdad and Kabul. Cutting off the country’s main source of revenue is not on the agenda of the craziest of mullahs.

Unemployment: the great non-issue of 2008-12 continues to be ignored.

Russia: The KGB will continue running the place until Russians decide to be more like Syrians, and Russians won’t.

Gorilla says: “Pick your own issue, pretend it’s important, do nothing to address it, and you’ll be a viable non-issue expert in no time!”


Another Dance Of Dunces

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

The Palestinians, who are entirely divided, want statehood, or something, and there’s zero chance the UN will go along…

The Israelis refuse to do anything about illegal settlements, and their current government has zero interest in peace.

And the “Quartet” pretends there’s a way forward!

Gorilla says: “Pay no attention to this garbage, not one person involved is serious about solving the problem!”


Shorter Middle East Policy Speech

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Oil it remains, mixed with the vinegar of democracy and unserious peace.


One Failure Goes, One Failure Stays

Friday, May 13th, 2011

George Mitchell, failed Middle East envoy, calls it quits!!!

Robert Mueller, failed FBI Director, gets another 2 years!!!

And this is what Washington’s all about these days: a lack of accountability, a recycling of the past, and a deep unwillingness to do anything serious at all about our failing country.

Gorilla says: “The reward for failure is more or less what the reward for failure has become!”


Who’s Serious Now?

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

About peace in the Middle East?

The Egyptians are, the Palestinians may be, the Israelis aren’t, and the US is not yet an honest broker.

Gorilla says: “Tough on terror, not tough on the causes of terror!”