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Netanyahu Has Never Been Serious About Peace

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

The current Israeli Prime Minister has never supported the peace process, and nothing he has said this week changes that fact.

The Israelis, like the Palestinians and the Americans, are deeply divided.

Right-wingers like Netanyahu believe they can continue occupation indefinitely while building more settlements to change permanently the facts on the ground.

Moderate Israelis don’t have much power at the moment, and have not been able to articulate a politically successful peace policy for the past decade.

Demographics eventually will force Israel to make a deal, but that may not come for another decade or more.

What’s frustrating is that everyone knows the policy outlined by President Obama, while containing absolutely nothing new, is the basis for a peaceful solution to the conflict.

Land swaps, the end of both settlements and the right to return, and mutual recognition are the way forward.

Gorilla says: “It takes two to tango, and at the moment we don’t have one!”


Good Luck With That

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Ban Ki Moon’s unhappy with Israel, the settlements are bad for the peace process!!!

Of course, the assumption behind such criticism is that the Israelis and Palestinians are serious about peace: they’re not!

The time to stop the politically and morally bankrupt settlement policy was 30 years ago, when it began. At this point, no Israeli government is going to uproot their settlers, so trading other land for peace is the only way forward.

Equally, the Palestinians need a referendum, voted on by all their factions, to decide once and for all that they want a two state solution. Leaders like Abbas haven’t done so, because they just might lose.

And the US is, as usual, sitting on the sidelines.

As stupid a decision as the bombing of Libya was, our President knows there’s zero support in the US Congress for anything like pressure on the Israelis, and not enough Palestinians living in the US to offset AIPAC et. al. in 2012.

What will get the two sides to the table for serious negotiations? Only demographics.

So long as the Palestinians keep reproducing at a greater rate, Israelis may find themselves a minority in their own country.

But that won’t happen in earnest for at least another decade.

Gorilla says: “Like Libyan no fly zones, Iraq, and Afghanistan, Middle East peace at present is a pointless waste of time, treasure, and blood!”


Rocket Men

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Why is Middle East peace so far off the track?

Because the two sides aren’t serious about peace and the US isn’t willing to do anything whatever to cajole either side into making concessions.

Latest case in point: a rocket defense system to shoot down the missiles lobbed into Israel by Hamas and Hezbollah.

Nothing wrong with pissing away more money on defense systems, or at least nothing wrong that anyone wants to correct, but the overwhelming impression left is that the US is neither a serious nor an honest broker.

Settlements? For all the rhetoric, the US isn’t attaching any price to Israeli intransigence.

Palestinian unity? Hard to see this happening so long as Hamas remains ignored and on the sidelines, free to toss rockets into Israel whenever it likes. Even the Russians are talking to them!

Gorilla says: “Talks about talks, while bullshit walks!”


TGIF And Predictions

Friday, September 18th, 2009

These were the things that mattered in Gorilla’s world this week:

*The Administration scrapped missile defense in Eastern Europe, to be replaced by a less expensive dinosaur. It appears that making deals is what comes first in Obama’s foreign policy, the better to have time to make deals in domestic policy. Gorilla thinks we’ll have an arms control agreement and an understanding on Iran with the Russians before the end of the year.

*Health care continues to spin its wheels forward. Senator Max Baucus crafted a very bad plan, and it is unclear whether health care reform can ever pass in the Senate. Gorilla still thinks we’ll have a deal by the end of the year, and it will be sufficiently meaningless for both parties to declare victory.

*The Israeli-Palestinian dance continues. Gorilla thinks there will be nothing to talk about for at least another year.

*The anniversary of the Lehman Brothers failure brought much tut-tutting and the unacknowledged reality that nothing much will be done to rein in Wall Street. Not a single bank CEO showed up for the President’s speech, even though his actions saved their asses. A lower pay packet and a higher capital requirement distracts from the truth: Wall Street is too big and politicians are too small. Gorilla assumes the next bubble is already underway, this time in the dollar carry trade.

*Mary Travers, Keith Floyd, and the pizza box Imac died. They all contributed richly to Gorilla’s life.


Settling Down In Goingbackwardville

Friday, September 4th, 2009

More Israeli settlements? You bet!!!

Not that this should be any surprise, the current Israeli government consists of leaders who have never supported the peace process.

What leverage do the happy talkers of Movingforwardville have in this situation? Absolutely none. There’s no chance of getting the Congress to reduce assistance to Israel, so it’s more a question of which comes first: the climb down or the climb down?

In practical terms, neither side can deliver anything to a renewed peace process. Both are effectively split down the middle, we aren’t willing to bring Hamas in, and therefore it’s a charade all around.

Gorilla reflects: “If I were a carpenter, and these were my ladies, I’d paraphrase Herzl: the brides are beautiful, but already married!”


Planning To Build More Plans

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Yet another Middle East peace plan is in the works!

This one envisions a suspension of Israeli settlements for a year in exchange for wider recognition of Israel (as yet undefined) by the Arab states.

Apparently, this is supposed to give political cover to a right-wing Israeli Prime Minister with a 20 year track record of opposition to anything resembling peace with the Palestinians. Meanwhile, the Palestinians, as ever, remain divided between Fatah and Hamas, and we’re only negotiating with Fatah.

Gorilla is confused: “So, all I got for the last 8 years was this roadmap to nowhere? Better call AAA!”